Deliver high quality arts and choral education to children ages 3-18. Offer children an opportunity to grow their artistic skills, share with friends, and gain confidence. Provide avenue for self-expression through the art of singing. To help the children discover an enchanted world of art and music.

Why Campanella

At Campanella Educational Center, we believe that artistic development is key to success.
Art nourishes the mind, builds character and broadens perspectives. Even if the kids don't pursue a career in arts, the experience is still valuable. It gives kids the experience they need to be able to put themselves out there and achieve their goals.
At Campanella, families will find instructors who are passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects, and are willing to work with kids to help them reach their full potential.


Campanella Education Center is an outgrowth of Campanella Children's Choir. As the choir grew from small group of children into an award-winning ensemble, it was felt that choir's approach could be expanded to other areas. Campanella has been founded on the belief that every child has a talent – it just needs to be discovered, nurtured and developed. This philosophy underpins all of Campanella programs.
The center offers an assortment of art, science, and Russian language classes. Our courses are taught by qualified instructors with years of experience in their field.
The Campanella Children's Choir allows kids to develop as singers and gives them a chance to perform in prestigious venues and take part in local and national festivals.