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Campanella Children’s Choir was founded in the spring of 2000. Since then, it has grown from a group of few children into competitive ensemble that has become core of the Campanella Educational Center. The choir competed in local and national festivals, and has been featured in a number of local publications.

Campanella Children's Choir sings a diverse repertoire of music taken from all over the world. The choir director uses tension-free vocal techniques to help the kids develop their young voices. Our singers learn to read music and appreciate a variety of musical styles from different cultures and genres. By singing together, the choir members learn cooperation and appreciation of how each individual talent can contribute to the group's success.


At Campanella, we believe that every child has a musical potential. It is up to a teacher, to find, unlock and develop it.
Campanella Children's Choir is made up of four levels – Beginners, Prelude Choir, Treble Choir and Concert Choir. The child will be placed based on skill level and singing experience. While age plays a role in placement, it's not the most important factor.
To join the choir, applicants must audition for our Marianna Kosaya, the Music Director, who will determine their skill level. Only the applicants and their parents or guardians may be present at the audition.

Auditions should be scheduled as soon as possible with our Music Director. Please contact her at 847.361.7989 or marianna@campanellachoir.com.


A choral festival is a great musical celebration. Festival offer choir members a chance to meet with other choirs and their talented instructors. The choirs collaborate through joint rehearsals and perform individually in front of the crowds of thousands. It's a truly artistically uplifting, inspiring experience.
Festivals also provide educational benefits. Every choir gets opportunity to receive feedback and evaluation from some of the best choir instructors in the country. This allows children to improve their skills, improving the choir as a whole.
Campanella has participated in a number of festivals. Including Chicago Heritage Festival, Heritage Festival of Gold and the 2013 Youth Choral Festival. The choir has consistently won awards, placing second in the 2010, 2011, and 2012 Heritage Festival of Gold. At 2008 Chicago Heritage Festival, Campanella Children’s Choir received the Outstanding Choral Group award, as well as the Certificate of Excellence.