Marianna Kosaya

Marianna Kosaya was born in Kiev, Ukraine. As a child, she sang in the world-renowned Shchedrik children’s choir, which gave her a life-long passion for choral music. Marianna studied at Kiev State Pedagogical University, graduating with an M.A. in Music Education and Choir Conducting. Upon graduating, she served as an accompanist at the University’s Department of Music. In 1994, Marianna immigrated to the United States, where she continued her music career. In 2000, Marianna formed a children’s choir (at its inception, a group of only a couple of children), which was to develop into what today is the Children’s Choir Campanella. Under Marianna’s leadership, the choir has become a competitive ensemble that performs widely throughout Chicago. Moreover, the choir has inspired the development of the Campanella Children's Educational center, of which Marianna is the Artistic Director. Marianna maintains an active voice and piano studio and collaborates with a number of Chicago musical ensembles.

Courses taught: CAMPANELLA SUMMER CAMP 2019, MozARTiana Club, Summer Choir 5-8 y/o, Summer Choir 7-8 y/o, Summer Choir 9 & UP y/o, Music: Color and Sound, Math 2-12 grades, Childhood in Art and Music, Beginners (3-4 y/o), Prelude Choir I (K-1 gr.), Prelude Choir I (advanced, K-1 gr.), Prelude Choir II (1-2 gr.), Treble Choir (3-5 gr.), Summer Beginners 3-4 y/o, Concert Choir (6-12 gr.), Chamber Choir, Theory of Music, Music Drama, Music - The Summer Odyssey

Diana Kofman

Diana Kofman has been Campanella Choir’s accompanist since 2009. Diana was born in Odessa, Ukraine, where she studied at the Stolyarsky School, the city’s renowned musical institution. As a student concentrating in piano performance, Diana was the winner of numerous competitions. After graduating from the Odessa State Conservatory, Diana was hired by the Stolyarsky School as a piano instructor and accompanist, working with the school's choir, instrumentalists, and The Violinists’ Ensemble, a group of young gifted musicians. In addition to her frequent solo performances, Diana concertized with The Violinists' Ensemble throughout the former Soviet Union, as well as numerous European countries, including Italy, Germany, England and Bulgaria. Diana also served as the president of the Pyotr Stolyarsky Foundation, whose mission is to promote gifted students of music. Since coming to the U.S. with her family in 1997, Diana has continued her musical career on the American soil. In Chicago, she has worked at Roosevelt University, accompanying the university’s vocal students and choir. To this day, Diana performs abundantly as a soloist and a member of various chamber ensembles, in addition to participating in competitions as an accompanist. Diana shares her experience with all of her piano students with great pleasure.

Courses taught:

Anna Gnoenskaya

I have a Masters degree in Art Education from Moscow State University. In 2001 I was a winner of the Fund Soros competition "Childhood Without Violence and Cruelty" and "The Teacher of the year" from Moscow's Department of Education. I have an extensive experience of teaching in Montessori schools. The program that I created helps children to develop the basic skills in drawing and painting using different mediums , exploring colour, perspective, volumes and to learn about Art in general. It will introduce children to the world culture and help to appreciate the beauty of the Nature.

Courses taught: Art / Drawing / Painting, Art/ Drawing/ Painting

Olga Matsias

Olga Matsias graduated from the Vitebsk State Technological University with a degree in Art Design. For over ten years, she worked at the Children's Art School in Belarus, teaching drawing, painting, decorative composition and sculpting Her students won prizes in a number of international and local competitions, and went on to attend the country's art schools. In 2010, she was awarded the title of the "Best Educator of the Year." In 2011, she moved to United States. Since then, she has been working as an art teacher in a number of children's art centers.

Courses taught: Art/ Sculpture, Art / Sculpture, Art Appreciation :What does it mean to be an artist?

Tanya Ilina

Tanya Ilina graduated from the School of Art History, Moscow, in 1999, with specialization in Old-Russian and Byzantine Art. Upon graduating, she worked at the All-Russian Museum of Folk & Applied Art, Moscow, and also lectured a course on the history of Byzantine Art at the School of Art History. In addition, Tanya developed and taught courses in Art History (Prehistoric Times to the Renaissance) at the School for Gifted Children in Moscow. Since moving to the U.S. in 2002, Tanya has worked as an art consultant at a number of Art galleries in Chicago. She has also continued her education, this time deepening her knowledge of Graphic Design and Photography. An avid traveler, Tanya uses any opportunity to see works of Art at their original locations. In addition to the wealth of knowledge and impression that she has acquired as a result of her trips, Tanya has collected an impressive number of images of the Artworks that she has seen. In her courses on Art History, she would like to share with her students these magical images, as well as her knowledge and passion for Art.

Courses taught: Masterpieces of European Art for Kids, Art History for Children 8-10y/o and 11 & UP, Exploring Renaissance Art and History, Renaissance Art for Younger Students, Discovering Ancient Egypt

Natalya Shor

Natalya Shor graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical University, Department of Philology. Her specialization was Russian as a Foreign Language. After graduating, Natalya taught Russian at a number of Moscow public schools, and later at Moscow State Chemical Institute, as well as at the Moscow Aviation Institute. She moved to the U.S. in 1998.

Courses taught: Russian Language, Russian Literature: World Myths

L Borun

Courses taught:

Alla Shvartser

1994 - graduated from Pskov State Pedagogic Institute - Teacher of Chemistry, Biology and Natural Science 1997 - graduated from St.Peterburg (Gertsen) State University - Teacher of Valeology 1994-1998 - High School "Razvitie" for gifted children (Pskov, Russia) - Teacher of Chemistry, Biology, and Natural Science 1998 - moved to the U.S. Continued education at Oakton Community College

Courses taught: Math 2-3 grades, Science & Math Pre-K, Science & Math K-1, Science & Math 1-2 grade, Science, Kid's Yoga and Science Workshop

Olga Rozenbaum

Olga Rozenbaum has Bachelor of Computer Science and Master of Computer Science with minors in Computer Graphics and Human Computer Interaction from DePaul University. Upon the graduation, she worked at Accenture consulting firm as a Software Engineer. Last summer, Olga volunteered in Camp Gan Israel teaching art to children. Over the years, she volunteered tutoring math to children of various ages and worked closely with Campanella math teacher Ella Borun.

Courses taught:

Dmitriy Yakubov

Dmitriy yakubov
Dmitriy Yakubov was born on September 23, 1972 in what is now St. Petersburg, Russia. In 1992, he was admitted to the St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts. As a producer and actor, took part in many children's plays and events. After completing his college education in 1997, performed in several plays with several stars of St. Petersburg stage, including Pyotr Sel'yaminov, Ivan Krasko, Tatyana Piletskaya, Grigoriy Shtil, Tatyana Bedova and Nikolay Smirnov. Moved to USA in 2002. In 2009, his Master of Fine Arts degree in Theater Directing was certified in United States. Wrote the following published books and plays: "The Genius Project," "Celebratory Poetry." "Poems and Scenes for Kids." Earned Silver award in the 2012 International Poetry Translation Contest organized by Poeziya.ru website. In 2012, his Russian translations of English and German language poetry were published in the "A Century of Translations - Volume 3" compilation. Collaborates with "By The Way," Vicheslav Kaganovich's Chicago theatrical studio. Founder of the Children's Video Theater.

Courses taught:

Zarui Vardanean

Zarui Vardanean is an Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova, the National and International Contests prize winner. She took her Master of Fine Arts in Music degree from the Academy of Music Republic of Moldova and her BBA from the Institute of the Continuing Education Republic of Moldova. She started her career at the National Opera and Ballet Theater of the Republic of Moldova as an opera soloist and a voice instructor at the Academy of the Music Republic of Moldova. She is well-known to audiences in the UK, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Germany etc. and her native country Rep. of Moldova. She made an auspicious debut at the National Opera and Ballet Theatre Republic of Moldova in 1998 when she appeared as Ulrica. After that, she sang about twenty-three leading roles including Carmen, Amneris, Azucena, Adalgisa, Lyubasha, Olga, Pauline, etc. Zarui Vardanean is a welcome guest artist in the leading opera houses in Europe. She participated at the National and International Festivals. She has about hundreds of recordings at the National Radio and TV broadcast. In 2013 she immigrated to the USA and opened her Voice Studio for young singers, where she can share her experience and knowledge with pleasure, also she continues her opera career in Europe.

Courses taught:

Leslie Teng

Leslie Teng is a Chicago area native with a passion for mind-body training and expressive movement. She has a B. S. in biology from Tufts University and a Masters Degree in physical therapy from Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine. Leslie has over 15 years of experience as a pediatric physical therapist working with infants and children of all ages. She incorporates meditation, Brain Education, yoga and bodywork into her work with clients and their families and has taught yoga to children with a variety of ability levels. Leslie also loves to dance and has created and performed modern and improvisational dance in Chicago and throughout the midwest.

Courses taught:

Alexander Kopchinskiy

Alexander graduated from Moscow State Academy of Choreography, Russia (Moscow Bolshoi Ballet Academy) with a diploma of the professional ballet artist. Upon graduation Alexander has performed at Moscow Stanislavski Ballet. In 2000 Alexander completed five-year program in ballet teaching at the Moscow State Academy of Choreography and obtained his degree in Ballet Choreography and Education. Alexander has worked with well known ballet masters like S.N. Golovkina (Moscow Bolshoi Ballet Academy), V. Vasiliev, M. Lavrovsky (Bolshoi Ballet) and V. Bovt, D.Briantsev( Moscow Stanislavski Ballet), V. Vinogradov (Kirov Ballet), M. Messerer(St.Petersburg Ballet ). Alexander has toured with the Straislavsky Ballet throughout the US, England, Gemany, Italy, Spain, Ireland and Japan performing in Don Quixote, Corsar, Snegurochka, Nutcracker and many other classical ballets.

Courses taught:

Igor Zvenigorodsky

Igor Zvenigorodsky, 49, software engineer by trade and education. Igor lives in Long Grove, with his wife, three kids and Roo - Russian Hunting Spaniel. Igor would love to share his passion for history with Campanella students and their parents.

Courses taught: Russian History with Geography 11 & UP y/o, Russian History with Geography 8-10 y/o, Russian History with Geography 3-6 grade, Russian History with Geography 7 & UP grade

Mikhail Sytchev

Courses taught: Guitar Ensemble 13 & UP y/o

Deanna Lee

2014 hula kigong deanna
Deanna Lee was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai'i. Growing up in the vibrant culture there has meant that she carries the Aloha Spirit with her everywhere she goes. She has an extensive athletic and energy healing background, which helps her to understand how the body and mind work together and how one can heal oneself through overcoming physical and mental limitations. She comes from a musical family where 3 generations are active musical artists. She started singing when she was 10 years old, and began singing in a women's barbershop a capella chorus from 13 years old until she was 20, and continues to sing occasionally. In her classes, she teaches the importance of breathing control and improving posture for better energy resonance. She has been teaching Body and Brain Yoga for the past 8 years, and currently manages the Body & Brain Center in Northbrook, Illinois.

Courses taught: Body & Brain Yoga Class for Children 13 & up y/o, Body & Brain Yoga Class for Children 8-12 y/o, Guitar Ensemble 8-12 y/o, Power Brain Education and Yoga for children, Power Brain Education and Yoga for children 8-12 y/o, Power Brain Education and Yoga for children 13 & UP y/o